Happy women’s day❤️

How often do we encounter people on the road who have opposing viewpoints?
One’s appearance becomes an opportunity for others, and even the way one lives their life, let others end up deciding how they should live.

This is all about women and their difficulties.
the world that acts as a judge and expresses unappreciated opinions
Isn’t it so simple?
Bullying others, demotivating them, and allowing their self-esteem to deteriorate simply because who cares?

How come stigmatised people can control women’s lives? Don’t wear this; it’s too short; don’t wear this much; you look so ugly; don’t go there; don’t behave like this; don’t you know you’re a messy, stupid, unsterile woman; and many other pronouncements let them control women’s lives.

Why are even women not treating each other with respect?
Why is there so much jealousy, competition, and greed?
Why can’t we all act as a unit, as a team?
Without a doubt, women are God’s most wonderful creation.
We simply need to honour them and treat them fairly, with no restrictions on how they live.

Let them fly without any fear.
There will be no judgments based on what they wear.
They know what is right and wrong, my dear.
Don’t let them cry sticky tears.
Their views and opinions,
Everyone must-hear.
God bless them with wonderful years.

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