Faith – the hidden truth (part-3)

Consider a circumstance in which we are all trapped, with no light shining on us. a completely dark room filled with shouting and weeping people asking each other what’s wrong?

Individuals in terror, wondering what wrong they done to deserve their pain
Imagine that this problem is instantly addressed, that people are rescued from their predicament, and that a ray of sunshine shines down on them. Everyone is now content and smiling.
How did this issue get resolved?
Isn’t it all about faith?

Hope- A veil of optimism that keeps us away from uncertainties and shields us from danger

For example, trust in excellent friends allows individuals to believe them blindly. a trust that is unshakeable because they believe they deserve good and that only good will happen to them

It’s normal to feel insecure, to feel as if there’s no hope left, yet faith in God is what keeps us progressing in life.
Many times, we will get into situations that will try to put our faith to the test; if we let ourselves fail, what sort of faith did we have?

Faith simply implies that there are no questions or doubts.
a route that leads to tranquilly, with no pressures and no stress?

The more we have faith, the more good actions we attract; similarly, if we stop doubting things that are all founded on faith, we begin to connect to peace. the life that everyone craves
But, as humans, we are prone to get frustrated before being inspired.

It’s just because we link the incorrect wires together.
It translates to “expectations to faith and trust.” When we eliminate expectations and accept conditions, we begin to develop pure, everlasting faith that ultimately ties us to God.

When we comprehend the realities of life, things get easier and better.
Isn’t it preferable to enjoy life than to be depressed over little matters that will not last forever?
Everything will be OK.
Whether it is a good or difficult situation, one must maintain faith.

Every karm will undoubtedly bear fruit, but not becoming attached to the fruit is the same faith that tells us to live in the present moment and that everything will fall into place at the right time, giving us hope for a life free of expectations, judgments, confinement, guilt, hatred, and anything else that destroys our lives.

So, life tests us in order for us to be able to choose wisely and eventually connect to the highest. After all, life is a divine gift that must be handled with extreme caution since everything affects the human body. We must serve society rather than labor for personal gain, or else certain people may disrupt the peace of others.

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