Faith – A misconception (part -2)

Blindfolding eyes not to see the moon while wandering among the stars.It means neglecting huge truth for the sake of ego satisfaction.
The giant oak emerges from a little acorn.
Simply said, it means that over time, little and insignificant things can grow to be quite enormous and stunning. It’s also a mistake to let circumstances erode faith.
Why live in regrets, false hope, and blame faith for things that aren’t going our way when we have no control over the future or the ability to recreate the past?

Everything has a positive and negative side to it. As a result, there should be no barrier between reality and the false imagination created by misinterpretation.

Another story goes like this: Once upon a time, a king and his family resided in a kingdom where his brits lived blissfully.

They used to worship God and participate in all religious activities, which pleased their ruler.

The king’s daughter was 5 years old at the time, and she used to play with her older friends.

Her companion went away one day, and she informed her father, the king of the kingdom.

daddy!! The one with whom I usually play is not coming to play with me.

The king initially ignored it, but then he spotted his brits going missing.
He asked his minister to investigate what was going on in his realm.
The minister was astute in that he dispatched his men to keep an eye on anyone who appeared to be unfamiliar with the area.
After a few days, the minister discovered why these folks went missing.
He then informed the king that the king of a neighbouring town was intending to kidnap and kill the other townspeople in the hopes of becoming wealthy and assisting the kingdom in prospering greater than before.

How simple it is to fall victim to erroneous notions and faith!
This will delight God.
If you do this, God will be angry.
However, in the story,
The Monarch was a firm believer in doing the right thing no matter what the circumstances or the outcome.
He understands what is right and wrong.
He was not like previous monarchs who preyed on others to satisfy their own desires.

Unlike others who utilised their braits’ hard labour and money for their own gain, the monarch used to assist them improve.
As a result, his realm grew in wealth.
The king never remarked, “God did this to me because of this or that reason.”
Why keep hoping if everything is predetermined?
Does faith imply blind belief in things, people, or the supreme power god?
What does it mean to have good faith?
Actually, the understanding of right and wrong behaviours is bridged by good faith and poor faith.

The more positive faith you have, the easier it is to focus on karma because nothing goes to waste if you have no expectations of results.
In the first example, faith was not connected to evil intentions but was covered with expectations, preventing it from falling within the category of good faith, whereas in the second example, there was a wrong faith with wrong intentions, attracting additional wrong deeds.

Faith isn’t good faith if it’s conned with bad motives. This, in turn, gives false optimism, fostering greed and selfishness in the individual.

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