Life of a boy – Secrets are being untold (part – 1)

It’s a story of a boy, a boy who never speaks up, a boy who never takes the time to share what’s on his mind, a boy who is fearful, sad, experiencing an emotional breakdown, and so on.

Despite the difficulties boys face in their lives, they always fight for every situation mode to come back from no matter what the circumstances are; no matter if they are going through trauma in their lives, no matter if they are losing some battles.

There is no answer to how a boy becomes stubborn, whether it is society's pressure or the boy is born with this quality. The answer may lie in how the boy was raised, the close people in his life, or the family and friends he used to spend time with.

On one hand, we ask them to lift heavy bags on the other, we ask them to do household work as if their duty were to do it all. We treat them too harshly because they are born with more power, but their hearts are also as big as their muscles.

The heart that is common to all men beats in the same way, so why do you think boys are ruthless? The way we treat them creates their spirit, and the way we understand them makes them comfortable and happy.

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