Be happy, Be healthy, Be you

Have you ever pondered the transition from immaturity to excessive maturity?
What is maturity now?
Does it comprehend the seriousness of the situation and act appropriately?
or accepting responsibility as a part of life and putting in a lot of effort to fulfill dreams?
Different people have different ideas of what maturity is.
Situations are crucial in deciding a person’s behaviour because they either make them mentally strong or weak, or, to put it another way, mature or immature.

Let’s start with the narrative of two buddies, Shiv and Prateek, who used to pursue their postgraduate degrees in different locations.
Shiv has a close relationship with both of his brothers, one of whom is younger and one of whom is older. In addition to his siblings, he has a mother, father, and grandparents who once shared a home. although the mother and her in-laws don’t seem to get along very well. Shiv made the decision to study away from home because he didn’t want the mental stress he used to experience from family fights on a regular basis to have an impact on his career.
On the other hand, Prateek is accompanied by his mother and one younger sister.

He made the decision to leave his family and move to a place that would enable him to become independent since he wanted to support her family.
Both of the pals moved away to separate cities and used to exchange stories.
Shiv was on a conversation with Prateek one day and was talking about how much fun he was having away from his home, where he had to deal with everyday problems, despite the fact that he knew in his heart how his family was.

Prateek knew about the location and made the decision to work hard while exploring the new location.
Though his head remains at home, he was dealing with challenges as though he were in a new city.
He was attempting to avoid thinking about his family or upcoming difficulties while feeling the mental burden of working alone. He then talked about the same.
However, Prateek was taken aback by listening to Shiv and began living in the moment. Shiv still needs to determine whether he is truly concerned about his family or simply wants to live life without thinking of them.

Comparing one another’s lifestyles while leading separate lives makes things tough rather than easier.
Prateek became envious, so he stopped worrying about the past and the future and just wanted to enjoy. Shiv, however, became anxious and vowed to work harder in order to outperform Prateek and support his family and goals.
Like this, the way that two distinct people live their lives was exchanged.

But along the way, it becomes more challenging to lead a happy existence. Shiv struggles daily with his thoughts of the past and the future. And now, as Prateek frees himself up even more, he finds himself running out of time for hard work and developing his own will.

ending becomes harder.
So why even attempt to live someone else’s life?
Why not be content with the way things are and express gratitude?
Why should one be envious of others?
Time moves forward, therefore even if something is bad for you today, it will be better tomorrow. And if things are going well today, be grateful for them; even if they last for a short while, remain grateful always.
Life is so precious that as long as you are alive, you will be able to overcome any challenging circumstances. However, if you merely develop a stress-inducing habit, you will weaken and once you do, you won’t be able to appreciate your time when it comes.

Merry Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas to all! This is the time of year when everyone gathers to celebrate while decorating the Christmas tree and cutting the cake.
At school, everyone celebrates while watching students dance and do skits.
This is the tale of Shivani, who once lived at home with her family but had to move out for her education.
She has a hostel room presently at the college.
And so she is encountering both positive and negative thoughts, such as, “I am finally in my college, will love hostel life… yeah yuppie.”

When her parents called, she wondered why she had traveled so far away from her parents
This happens frequently to students who are stepping outside of their comfort zone for the first time.
Shivani is also attempting to acclimatize to the new surroundings and people she is interacting with.
Months passed, and then Christmas arrived, which she used to celebrate with zeal at school by visiting the church, gathering candies, and doing other activities.

She believes that enrolling in the institution that will benefit her in the future is now a process that necessitates certain sacrifices as happy or sad tears.
As it is said, sacrifice is necessary for success.
She then began to consider her future plans, which would enable her to celebrate each event with her friends and family.
She used to like the hostel lifestyle with her new acquaintances, but nothing can compare to the feeling of home.

Some people struggle to adjust when they try to live without their family or house because they are too attached to them.
In any case, Shivani began to appreciate her own company and occasionally celebrate holidays with friends or alone.
She is working hard to become independent and live a happy life with a dash of fun.

Life is unpredictable; we never know what will happen next.
It prepares us to handle both positive and negative situations, such as the realization of the value of family, After leaving home, meals, and other items, which get ready without any effort on our part.
Similarly, life is our best teacher because it is aware of all that must occur for us to become strong.

No health, without mental health ( part – 3 )

Many of us seem to experience stress, tension, anxiety, and depression, which are all different words with somewhat similar meanings.
We encounter circumstances in life where we become enmeshed in our own thoughts.
By concentrating more on the outside world, we unintentionally cause harm to ourselves.

We often adopt the habits of others that seem normal to everyone, such as if a group of friends goes to a party with the exception of one or two because they aren’t very social.

People who are new to this environment may wonder why they and their friends aren’t doing the same, or even if they go, they may keep themselves apart unintentionally because they are unfamiliar with this stage.

That was merely one instance where the person might have to exert extra effort to fit in with the surroundings.

Let’s continue with Teesha’s tale.
Her brain began to function in ways she had never imagined when she was all alone.
She experiences stress from minor issues, which sometimes makes her angry or anxious.
She used to swallow her rage frequently until it began to hurt her physically.

However, she was caught in a trap of memories that had such an impact on her that she began to worry about the future, wondering what if this is the situation, what if the teacher punishes her without cause, what if the project was not turned in on time, and what if it never ends for her.

Her subconscious mind developed the habit of overanalyzing, which multiplies every time, and as a result, the side effects also multiply every time she experiences greater tension and stress than usual.

No matter how challenging things become for her, she must first comprehend what is happening before she can find a solution.
When people don’t have good company or people with whom to share their feelings, they start to feel worse.

This feeling that no one is with me means that I can’t survive alone, which frequently results in suicide attempts and other self-harming behaviours where the only option considered is death.

Therefore, why don’t we communicate with one another, comprehend one another, and analyse one another so that we can somehow save the lives of others.

We must encourage our friends to adopt certain routines that may help them begin to live in the present. For example, they should begin daily prayer and meditation, engage in some physical activity, enjoy some interesting and fun hobbies, and participate in sports that will occupy their minds and help them begin to accept the idea that everything is okay and they are happy right now.

Being healthy and happy in life is the top priority, which is something everyone should be aware of.

No health,without mental health ( part-2 )

You may all be curious as to what transpired with Teesha as a result of the fact that she fell victim to panic attacks and depression.
It’s about time she started learning and analysing things with her feeble mind.
She was living happily with her family before entering class 2nd, but all of a sudden, she began to experience prejudice and abuse from teachers and other students in her batch.

She didn’t realise at the time that everything she was going through would one day become a dreary memory of the past.
Days went by, but things began to worsen for her.
Her declining self-esteem made it difficult for her to enjoy the moment, which in turn contributed to the development of her introverted personality.
As she knew they would bully her and make fun of her, she used to distance herself from her classmates.

For her, it was just the beginning as she soon began to experience problems after problems.
First of all, her time in school left her with eerie memories that she was unable to forget.
Then, as she started sixth grade, her father passed away.

Her life underwent a significant turning point that forced her into terrible situations.
A mental and emotional conflict has just begun.
Even so, she continues to keep it to herself because no one knew that she was going through such mental struggles.
Her smile prevented anyone from understanding her suffering, and those around her lacked the necessary empathy.
The only person who consistently understood her was her mother.

It becomes challenging for anyone, especially a child, to comprehend everything and come up with solutions.
When do we typically ask someone about their health?
We frequently evaluate people based on their appearance and other factors, but we never inquire about their well-being.
There are people like Trisha who require the support of their friends to be with them, but in today’s world, everyone is so preoccupied with their own lives that they don’t give a damn if those around them are doing okay or not.

The generation of today talks a lot but acts less.
People only care about their own well-being; they don’t ask about their friends or those in their immediate vicinity.

Is it too much to listen to someone, be kind to them, acknowledge their suffering, and stand by them?
Are we all so busy with our own lives that we can't find the time to lend a hand to one another?

No health, without mental health ( part-1 )

The idea that when someone is mentally ill, they are considered to be crazy is one that is frequently held in many places.
Why does there exist a psychology where mental and spiritual health are not prioritised? Only having a strong psychic ability will do?
Is it possible to have a job without having a stable mind?

Avoid using words like “depression,” you’re not crazy.
As they are insane, you should avoid travelling with them as you will catch their disease.
This used to be said frequently.
It has now become common.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.
Let’s use a story to explain.

Trisha was a girl and her age was 11 who used to live peacefully with her family.
But internally, the girl used to fight a lot.
For seemingly insignificant reasons, she becomes tense.
She used to get hurt easily by the smallest things. She developed a habit out of the blue. She used to conceal everything because she was lost inside.
The battles in the mind persisted over time, growing rather than ceasing.

She was in a difficult situation.
She is always in the dark about what is going on with her.
She was unaware of the consequences of holding onto memories because her subconscious mind was so engrossed in old, haunting memories.

She unknowingly fell into the memories’ trap.
No one could comprehend how she used to live.
She exhibits that everything was fine outside, but inside…
Dealing with all of this at such a young age becomes challenging.
Instead of comprehending the individual and the circumstances, people label it as being crazy.

Even when she attempted to make her friend into her best friend, things did not go well.
Person eventually became toxic for her, but she needed support and couldn’t say no.
How events can place a positive person in precarious situations where they risk losing themselves.

She began to shiver when she was in these situations because she used to feel alone.
She even used to experience panic attacks.

I wonder if she would have experienced more severe issues if she hadn’t been able to control her mental battles or make them not significantly affect her.

It's crucial to comprehend and accept the circumstances. To improve things, you should also speak with someone.
Additionally, people must understand one another rather than acting selfishly and always putting themselves first.
Because we are all human, we depend on one another.
If we don't spend time together, we might eventually feel lonely and fall into a trap of our own memories.

Life says…

I am life, I seem to be complicated yet get interesting if someone learns to make me their friend.
I often get cursed for many reasons, mainly when humans face troubles, they curse me by saying..what the hell is this life; I hate this.
Some people say I don’t need this life, I want to quit.
I get blamed and it hurts me a lot.
this is the story that has hurt me and will keep on hurting me…

there lived a girl with her family in south
she was shy and introverted and didn’t communicate much even with her parents
the day was Monday she went to college for the first time in so long…
there she saw students hanging out with each other, eating food together, and just chilling…
she was still watching everyone with hopeless eyes, waiting to have her place with no one around.
she took her steps and went to the library, with the hope that she won’t be in a crowded area
yes, there were people but peace remained in the room.

she didn’t know anything there, and she tried to ask the neighbor but she resisted… again she tried and the person next to her saw that she is trying to talk… he insisted her
Hi you need any help…
she got still and said no inflow
she started her overthinking but there was something and the boy understood the same
he again asked, feel free to take any help
I am gonna be in the library for 2 hours
after waiting for a couple of minutes, she insisted on him and asked for history reference books
he knew about the library so he helped the girl
arranging the confidence she finally stepped ahead of her comfort zone
but it really takes her to think a couple of times
even after thinking a couple of times, she fails as she was used to the same routine
coming out of their comfort zone takes guts and she was trying harder to get out of the space he has created for 20 years
she got into the class and sat on the bench, along with the same comfort zone.

after one-week over, when class started, one girl came and sat next to her, but she still kept quiet…and coincidentally, the girl next to her was more or less the same
this is how both got the same company
there were days when both never saw each other but now they have endless conversations
both of them started being open to all
but it’s not easy to be the person you’ve never been in your entire life

A difficult scenario where a person may either continue and embrace the change or just be the worst case and blame everything on life comes when changes within oneself are caused by external environments. Similar circumstances occurred with both the girls in this scenario, where they eventually felt frustrated to see themselves as a completely new person they had become—someone they had never been—and was left with no other choice.
Both of them lost track of who they were in order to adapt to the circumstances, going along for the ride in order to avoid feeling lonely.

But how about actual life?
Is it merely because she is alive, or is life itself giving her certain lessons?
Is it necessary to curse life for everything that occurs every day?

Kindness comes from within

Kindness is not something that everyone should do; it comes from inside.
We frequently witness people displaying caring, love, and devotion that only stems from the exterior and not from the within, all for show.
Without a doubt, many individuals have inner compassion that comes from their hearts; these people think too much, care too much, and it is clearly visible in their acts, as opposed to others who exhibit it via their words.

How simple it is to pretend you care about other people’s sentiments, that you respect others, that you want to assist others.
And people are easily duped by the webs they construct.
So there are two IIM Bangalore pals.
They are both intelligent students named Ritwik and Naman, and they used to study together while answering each other’s questions.

Ritwik had been through a lot in his life; he hailed from a middle-class home where his mother used to sew garments and his father lost his work in covid.
He knows how much agony his family is going through, thus he realizes the value of money.
He understood the significance of working hard and advancing his family’s reputation. The family difficulties made him realize he wanted to help those who had lost their jobs or were looking for work.

On the other side, his friend Naman was from a middle-class family, but he was a laid-back sort of person who didn’t give a hoot about his family issues, which led to him feigning love and concern.
Despite their closeness, Naman was only faking as always, pretending to be your closest friend and caring for you, as he had done from childhood.

Naman became ill while playing football, and as his buddy, Ritwik assisted him in recovering from his ailment. Whereas Naman saw it as his responsibility to assist him, he underestimated him and took him for granted.
After a few days, Ritwik needed to pay his rent and ran out of money, so he approached Naman for assistance because he is the closest person on whom Ritwik can rely.

But, as usual, the habit of fake never goes away, so Naman told Ritwik, “Don’t worry, bro, I’m there, don’t take strain, I’ll assist you out.”

After a few days, the landlord became irritated. Ritwik managed to pay his rent through a part-time job.
And he realised that kindness is something that comes from within, not from outside.
No matter how many people we meet or how many friends we make, there will be some who actually care and help others, and there will be others who only pretend to.
It is necessary to accept these people and not to expect friendliness from them. Instead, they deserve sympathy. They did not achieve the level of profound comprehension of life.
Whereas we must appreciate those who aid without expecting anything in return and who always stand up for us.

Kindness doesn’t mean being fake-nice all the time. It means being real and responsive -Noah levine

Struggle in achieving dreams.

Dreams come easily, don’t they?
But, boss, it takes a lot of effort, sacrifices, hard work, and devotion to make a goal a reality.
Some people are willing to devote 5-6 years to their careers, but others have a limited amount of time to find work.
Some people suffer their entire lives just to feed their families, while others have comforts and jobs become accessible to them.

Whether high caste, lower caste, or middle caste ambitions are shared by everybody, yet expectations vary.
Now, this is the story of two best friends who have been best friends for ten years and have a deep link.
Both Anshika and Krati are ambitious students.
They have opted to pursue a CA degree in the same city, Pune.
Krati asked her parents if she may go to Pune for the best CA coaching, and her closest friend is also going.
She requested her mother, “Mom, can I please travel to Pune, I want to be a CA and there is no top coaching available in our city, you know na mom?”

Mother, who was concerned, responded to Kratika.
I know you want to be a CA, but we can’t let you go just yet, Pune.
Pune is not near to Kolkata, yet Anshika’s parents were willing to send her there.
Anshika contacted Kratika.
anshika – hello, sweetie!!
What’s up?
What have you decided?
Are you travelling to Pune with me?
kratika responded quietly. – Anshika, my parents refused my wish to go to Pune.
anshika – don’t be stressed, relax. After all, parents are not unreasonable in their viewpoint.
Don’t worry, Kratika, you’ll become a CA.
Kratika- All right, I’ll undertake online coaching.
The call was terminated.

Anshika moved to Pune full of hope, passion, and determination.
She got a hostel and a roommate.
She was overly enthusiastic at first, waking up early by herself, eating breakfast, and then getting ready for coaching.
She returns to the hostel exhausted from coaching.
She then waits for dinner.
She used to solve home assignments assigned during coaching after supper.
It became a daily habit for her.
However, after a few months, she became dissatisfied and even planned to give up!
It is not simple to manage things on your own in a new place!
She occasionally skips meals due to test stress.
Even when her parents called her, she would only converse for 5-10 minutes.
She was overtired.

Isn’t it simple to fantasise?
When it comes to reality, however, it requires a lot of hard effort and adaptations; many times, sleep schedules are disrupted, feelings of despair, anxiety attacks, and even feeling looser are experienced.
Yes, it is difficult to manage everything on your own.
However, if one has lofty aspirations, one must make significant sacrifices.
Yes, health comes first and should not be overlooked, but time must be managed for everything else.
and once we decide to finish, we must finish it in order to see the lovely results that will be waiting for us the prefix when applied to name makes all pains and struggles feel worthwhile

Achievements produce problems, difficulties, insecurities, and so on.
One will, in any case, go through them.
Demotivation is natural. Everything that happens between the starting point and the finish line is normal until it destroys you from the inside out.
Definitely at the start, we wonder why we are doing all of this, coming to a new city with dreams, but if we question ourselves why we started this journey, we will find a cause to conclude it properly.
There can be moments when we are pessimistic, which may lower our morale. It is best to talk to someone who can get you back on course.
And it’s preferable than having self-doubt and feeling hopeless.

if it appears to be outside of your purview, do what makes you happy; after all, life is all about being happy in whatever you do.

However, do not consider quitting up until it has completely destroyed your serenity and happiness.
Life is incredibly valuable, and we must cherish it.

Hard work pays off

We’ve all heard and witnessed throughout our lives that hard work never goes to waste. This is certainly true when we put our all into anything. It will one day bear fruit for us. But it’s not like we have to wait for it; we’ll receive it eventually, whether it’s weeks, months, or years.
So here is the story of two twins residing in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.
Amrita and Dhara were both bright students in the tenth grade.
Their parents’ names are Kamal and Shreya, and they both work in separate corporate businesses.
Amrita and Dhara both aspire to be like their parents.
As a result, they used to work really hard in order to perform well in tests.

Amrita had a goal of becoming Engineer, thus she focused her time more on academics and less on everything else, even skipping meals on occasion.
And when she saw Amrita, she decided to make a decision for herself; she was like having fun while studying. She wanted to be a doctor, but rather than seeing it as a burden, she began to love her classes so she could do well in the 10th grade.
Boards exam schedule has arrived.
Amrita was a bit nervous since she wanted to be at the top of the class, but owing to her worry, she didn’t score as predicted, but 92 percent, and Dhara was confident, but she only received 85 percent, a satisfactory score.
Their parents began to compare the twins to one another.

Comparing one other’s enterprises to comparing their own children’s grades caused their children to feel lonely and upset.
Despite the fact that both children have distinct potential, their grades have become a method for predicting their future.
Despite the fact that both scored highly, due to their dissatisfied parents, the children began to feel concerned and worried about reaching the top like their parents.
It is now time for the parent-teacher conference.
The teacher inquired as to why your parents appeared to be sad.
They discussed everything that happened last night.
The teacher then told the parents, “Look at your kids, are they healthy?”
Don’t they have good minds?

Aren’t they talented in other areas?
Ask yourself if you’ve always been on top.
If so, does it always make you happy?
Why don’t you let children live their lives?
It is not the marks that harm them; it is your expectations that place a load on your children.
This weight will undoubtedly crush their happiness.
And, as a mother, I know that no parent wants to see their children miserable.

It’s vital to do well in examinations, but it’s even more crucial to enjoy them without feeling rushed.
After all, a one-day office job may make them like you guys, and it is pointless to study this way if it merely causes you stress rather than helping you to grow as a person.

School and college are not only about studying; they are also about gaining new skills and having fun.
Nowadays, education is essentially a comparison tool that determines kids’ futures.
Without a question, studying is beneficial, yet failing to receive high grades is OK, as everyone is unique in their own manner.

It is vital to learn from previous experiences and improve in the future.
Hard work will pay off where you invest your efforts, which will undoubtedly require your attention.
If not a doctor, then an engineer, if not an engineer, then a CA, if not a CA, then a manager, if not a manager, then a cricket player, and so on. Everyone is unique; one may excel at football while another excels at music and requires just admiration, not comparison.

And certainly, enjoying life should be the major objective of everyone. It is preferable to congratulate your children or anybody else who received less marks or anything else, rather than encouraging them to feel terrible and finally do inappropriate action like suicide.
value it rather than moaning about things understand rather than demotivating

Failure doesn’t exist.

Failure is a seven-letter term that is generally recalled when success slips through our fingers, when we fall down, when we lose hope, when desirable things do not happen to us, and for a variety of other reasons. does it not?
Let us now go on to the narrative, which begins with a family living in a small town in a villa beside a lovely river.
Every time Avinash and his grandpa Dheeraj played along the river.
Avinash enjoyed football.
Pratik, his father, was a businessman.
As a result, Pratik was unable to devote time to his son.
Prakrati, Avinash’s mother, used to take care of the house and aid with business accounting because she was a CA.

As a result, she tried but couldn’t devote enough time to her kid.
Avinash is in class 3 and is really interested in sports, thus he was sent to tutions.
After a few days of not scoring well, his classmates began to harass him.
Unlike others, he had a buddy named Rohan who used to hang out with him, and as youngsters, they used to forget about the bullies and start their days fresh. returning home without complaint

The bullies abruptly stopped abusing Avinash, but Avinash had no idea what was in store for him over the next few days, which would drastically transform his life.
He is presently in the seventh grade.
He was only receiving passing grades, and watching his closest buddy score so well made him wonder, “Will I ever be able to be like Rohan?”
Will I ever be able to make my parents proud?
Is it worth my time to study at such a prestigious institution?
and so forth

He used to make comparisons to his topper friend Rohan.
His granddad used to inspire him, but now and then he feels the same way.
He now refers to himself as a failure because he was unable to make the football team while only receiving passing grades.
Her mother questioned granddad about why he was always sad.
Everything about Avinash was revealed by granddad.
They’ve both agreed to help Avinash now.

As anticipated, grandfather requested Avinash to plant a tree of his choice. Avinash used to love nature, so he became delighted and bought a plant.
He has completed all planter labour and, as instructed by granddad, watered the plants regularly.

Sheep devoured the plant after one week.
He then suggested that a fresh one be planted.
and the same thing occurred.
Grandpa added for the third time, “Now listen to me attentively.”
Plant the tree with all safety precautions in place, as well as this tree, which will not be eaten away.

Then the tree began to grow.
He is presently in the eighth grade.
Grandpa and his mother approached him and said, “Look, son, there is no such thing as failure.”
We take what we can from it.
The only thing that is important is that you never give up trying new methods but with consistency because everything has its own manner of being done, such as in your studies, prepare something that will work for you.

Take a look at the tree; can it grow easily without sufficient hydration and sunlight?
Will it grow in cold weather if it’s supposed to grow in hot weather?
Every individual on this planet is as unique as these trees, and they are all supposed to be in a wonderful place.
Why should we underestimate ourselves only because we did not achieve our goals?

Learn from nature; if a mango tree believes that its worth is not there during the winter season, the tree will not produce nice mangoes and would eventually die. You are intended for something huge, son, if not studies, then sports.
Do not underestimate yourself.

People around you may not appreciate you, but you do not have to listen to their statements.
They may not recognize your worth and may even discourage you; do not allow them to govern your life.
Simply do what seems right to you. Everything will undoubtedly come into place.