A bittersweet story of two friends (part-2)

You’re probably wondering what happened to the pals in the story next…
Well, the narrative goes on like this: they used to gather in school and have fun there…sometimes they got caught for their mischief, and occasionally they skipped classes.

They shared many experiences in school…and even after returning home on special occasions, they used to spend time together…roaming the streets…sharing food…
Many times, while conversing or contacting, they run across some disagreements…and then they have to make amends…

Friendship entails everything from minor squabbles to major brawls in which they either come to know each other and realise the true significance of the relationship or they distance themselves from it.
The moment has come to say goodbyes…

One was too bashful and introverted to capture the moment with the friend while disregarding all others in farewell, while the other was aware of this and simply let the moment be captured for the delight of the friend…

Following that, Destiny led them in the same direction. However, one afterwards changed his mind and chose a different path.
And this has hurt the friend who wanted to spend more time with her.
However, life is all about predetermined fate, and you can’t change what has to happen.

Maturity is defined as the ability to comprehend a situation and move with the flow. Rather than holding on to my rage, I’m going to try to understand why this is happening to me and everyone else.

Distance does not separate friends; rather, it strengthens their friendship if they have a good understanding.
But life is full of unknowns, and we never know what others may think of us.
The shy one began to ignore the other friend, and their friendship began to deteriorate.

Due of a lack of comprehension.
Even though the other was aware of this, they continued to try to keep the bond intact. However, once a misunderstanding occurs, and a rift between friends develops, it becomes difficult to restore the friendship.

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