A bittersweet story of two friends. (Part-1)

Friendship, two individuals who have many similarities, a difficult but pleasant relationship in which they become a part of each other’s everyday lives, and finally family.

So the tale goes, in a tiny village, there lived two buddies who were both insane and silent, maybe because they didn’t know how to break out of their introvert zone.

Seriously, how beautiful friendship can be if you surround yourself with the proper people.
You get to discover new stuff.

At the same time, you get into some nice difficulty.😂😂 Your companion may occasionally allow you to attend punishment alone, relishing watching you suffer and laughing with others.🤭🤭😂😂

Sometimes they plot something challenging, such as scaling walls, eating each other’s tiffin before lunch, or avoiding telling the buddy that you ate his/her food😂😂.

Or simply wandering around throughout class😁😁.
This charming yet twisted friendship used to include everything.✌️😊

So these two had a typical friendship at first.
They used to converse and assist one another.
Sometimes they quarrel, and other times they play games.
They used to preserve their friendship in this manner.

Friendship is about commitment and acts, not promises.
You must make efforts to allow friendship to grow deeper and deeper while also maintaining a high degree of understanding in order to have a wonderful connection for years and years.

Sometimes you have to be the listener, and other times you have to deal with issues by providing appropriate advice.
As already said. A friend in distress is a true friend.

What kind of friend is it if it doesn’t listen to you or avoids you for no apparent reason?
The only thing that holds their friendship together is effective communication.
They become accustomed to being with each other.

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