Life of a boy – not all boys are same ( 4- final part )

Isn’t every boy the same?
Living in the twenty-first century, where there is so much competition and being a part of it, there are few guys who copy the evil.
As a result, society declares that all boys are alike.

How illogical our society’s thinking is, which makes it even better to be a nasty person.

It is not true that a doctor’s son should become a doctor.
However, many of our parents’ ambitions become obligations on the shoulders of our boys. In any case, boys must make their parents proud.
Even if they had to go through hell for that reason, they will do so without yelling.
Even worse, boys are forced to participate in such activities, which is unethical.
Not only as a result of poor parenting, but also as a result of the competition to be wealthy, satisfy all demands, and enjoy life to the point where they are driven to perform unlawful actions.

They are being put under so much pressure that they have become disoriented and have lost their way.
We are all born with a good mind, which allows us to achieve more success.
The environment in which we live, however, shapes our lives.
Then who is in charge of maintaining a healthy environment?
Why are there more crimes, more suicides, and more depression?
Why does a young guy have to bear the brunt of the pain?
When you’re in the mood to cry, why not do it?

It’s so simple to say all boys are same But no one wanna take obligation to let them be on track Let the environment be so immaculate for them to know what’s right and what’s wrong There is no ought to tune in to them? No one to inquire them why are you late? Where were you? You need a few help? You no got to select bad You must discharge your tears. Let your disappointments be your learning. No ought to put any burden on you You can share your feelings.

We should not make it confounded.
The main change required is to prepare our mind.
Not all men are same.
Presently let awful men on target.
To make a climate agreeable for them.
To allow slip-ups to transform into illustrations.
To show them regard ladies.
To allow them to feel blissful and furthermore cry when they need.

After all they are humans not robots.
Let us deal with them like we need them to treat with us. How about we end the idea of men are solid and fabricate idea of allowed they to take rest.

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