Heart vs brain (part -2)

Have you ever experienced a mental block or difficulty making decisions?
Yes, without a doubt, we have all encountered this situation in our lives. At the same time, we have also experienced heartbreak when things don’t turn out the way we had hoped.

Sometimes the erroneous thoughts we think—thoughts that aren’t done on purpose—cause collateral damage to both organs. However, we are often duped by circumstances, which causes our brain to cease giving us the proper cues and makes us feel worse.

Things deteriorate when we are depressed since it prevents our brain from thinking clearly while also making our hearts heavy.
We never want this to happen to us, but it does. Life teaches us what is right and wrong for us gradually.

Without the brain and heart, the body is completely incomplete. However, if one is damaged, will the other be able to function normally? If we somehow ruin our own lives, others will suffer as a result.

Here is the story of a young boy who use to play football with his friends.
Play with your heart, not your brain, his mother used to tell him. Enjoy your time, son, and come back soon to finish your schoolwork.
Her son used to meticulously follow all directions when playing football.
He lost the game one day. He was initially depressed, but somehow he recalls what his mother told him.
then make an effort to move on and begin playing without thinking about winning.

When he returned to finish his assignment and related his incident, his mother praised him and said, “Good beta, these little lessons won’t let you get wounded yourself.”
When he was getting ready for school the following morning, her mother advised him to behave well toward everyone, even if they were unable to do so. She also advised him to never fight with anyone and to always pay attention to his teacher.
Taking his mother’s advice, he attended school.

Everything was going great, but a week later, he was under stress because his friend had been picking on him for being truthful and completing all of his schoolwork.
He mentioned everything after returning to his house.
After carefully listening to him, his mother remarked, “Beta. It’s OK for someone to bully you or not appreciate you. spend time with that friend and try to make him feel at ease in your presence. This will help him feel safer and better, which might help him break his habit of bullying others.”

His brain began to think correctly as a result of her mother pouring positive ideas into his head.
Even the brain requires thoughts and messages to function, and if they are used properly, they can aid in personal growth. and the opposite

Heart and intellect are at battle in this situation. If the wrong message is being fed to your brain, it won’t work properly. As I previously stated, when we are teenagers, we begin to listen maturely to our brains. If our brains are not thinking properly, it will certainly cause issues, which our hearts will undoubtedly sense immediately.
In times of despair or sadness, listening to one’s heart will unquestionably not help one to recover.
If the child had paid attention to his heart, he would have attempted to distance himself from his friend when he was bullied since the heart is filled with feelings that either cause us to allow a situation go worse or make it better.


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