Heart vs brain (part-1)

Sometimes it seems mysterious how humans react.
whether it is acquired through heredity or through environment.
Despite the fact that we are all unique, we can yet find certain things in common.

Sometimes thoughts are in agreement, sometimes they are not
We come across individuals with the same attitude, which can either lead to strong bonds or the beginning of gaps.

One’s intention of reacting may come from within or it may be a mirror of what others are thinking.

But it varies from person to person.
We frequently lack awareness of revenge in our early years. No matter how many fights or punishments we received, we always used to smile back. Innocence was the best outfit we ever wore.
That is how lovely childhood is.
We don’t respond based on how other people behave.

We respond based on our understanding.
As we mature and our brains begin to develop, we cease listening to our hearts as we grow older and begin acting in accordance with our brains.

The more negative people we encounter, the more likely we are to imitate their nonsensical traits, which at the time look cool but were actually just the beginning of things getting worse.

Loneliness causes people to cease thinking in a certain path, even if they don’t get that companionship.
Since no one is available to provide guidance, they simply do what feels right to them.

Thus, people act without knowing why, merely to keep themselves safe.
Although it undoubtedly leads them down a route that is not intended for them, it may be appropriate in some circumstances.

And this loneliness causes sadness, which destroys a person from the inside out and makes them want to take their own lives. Given that everyone is self-centered, nobody needs them, and even if they pass away, no one would be harmed, their only moral response seems to be to sacrifice their own lives.

And as soon as they come into contact with poisonous situations or individuals, they either allow their hearts to be misled into making emotional reactions or they just let their minds go crazy.
Who desires any harmful environment?

The brain will try to prevent the individual from dying in that toxicity if given the chance, while the heart will attempt to cope with the circumstance if given the chance.
Both of them need to have an opportunity, depending on the circumstances, to allow for peace, primarily within, without endangering the peace of anyone.

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