Say hii to humanity!❣️Let’s save humanity!❤️

In a world full of chaos we get lost in the ocean of vagueness, some sort of selfish world. Ignorant of the fact that what we thinks, what we do, is what we get.

And so we need to dive deep into self consciousness. The real meaning of life which most of us are unaware. A thing which enlightens and fill our lives with happiness, do we even know what it is?

Live is made of small small moments, where their exist feelings and emotions. Where we are accustomed to interacting with people with different thoughts, different cultures and traditions, different mentalities and so forth.

As we encounter new people in our lives, do we take care of other people’s feelings and emotions? Are we trying to respect others and assist others? For example, if you are on your bike and suddenly you have seen boys lashing a girl very badly, insulting her, making abusive comments. So what will the majority of us do? Making video’s enjoying drama? Right? Instead of connecting with her emotions and her pain, instead of helping her take advantage of the scene, because that’s not our problem. Right?

All of this is connected, as we grow, we begin to feel jealous and it becomes detestable. We are frequently wounded by small problems and then it is converted into revenge.

Are we lost somewhere where there is no peace? Is it the others fault?

No, it’s our flaw, because if we treat others well, if we are pure, if we know what’s good and what’s bad, if we try to figure out why we get what we deserve, if we learn that if someone hurts us, it’s not right to hurt them back, instead of focusing on revenge, we should try to understand and sort out the situation.

We are people ? Might it be said that we are? Still we are inadequate with regards to humankind.

We are loaded up with pessimistic feelings, considerations which kills our guiltlessness, understanding level, peace,self certainty. What’s more subsequently we take on the terrible changes of society. We fail to remember that we are unique , and we want to keep up with that distinction. We want to have that good nature which is loaded with humankind, which is presently absent in the vast majority of us. We begin making a decision about others, we treat others the manner in which others treat us.

It’s important now to get back to our culture which talks about humanity. Which leads us to peace, path which is full of happiness and pleasure. No tensions no worries,

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