Faith – A harsh reality(part – 1)

Faith is a lovely term that has a lot of significance. It signifies having a deep belief in something without questioning it.
a complete faith in something or someone that prevents us from having any doubts.
Is faith only believing in religions in our minds?
maybe even more?

Most of us frequently associate faith with religions. But it’s only a narrower view of the word faith, which is actually as deep as the ocean.
We frequently say, “Don’t worry, everything will be OK!”
Come on, you’ll land a good job!
Oh wow, you got into the top college, as I predicted.
Aren’t each of these things covered by faith?

We often indulge in faith in our efforts to achieve the pinnacle of prosperity.
It simply means that everyone wants to be successful, and we believe in the success journey.
It offers us hope that we can overcome the challenges we confront in our daily lives.
We used to feel fantastic when we accomplished something we knew we could, and as long as we were out of problems, we used to have faith in everything around us. However, as soon as we are confronted with difficulties, our faith begins to sway.

It’s so easy, right? Depending on the situation, our faith takes shape. like There was a family who worshiped God, for there were children in order for them to pass the exam One of the three oldest children excelled academically.
The youngest barely made it through.The second, as is customary, failed a test because she was not interested in studying and preferred to play basketball, but her parents began criticising her and making negative comments about her, as is customary, until they finally exclaimed, “Why does this happen only to them?”

It is no longer appropriate to pray.

As a result, whenever something bad happened or we didn’t succeed, we began to doubt what we used to believe.
Is this, however, correct?
according to its intended meaning?

2 thoughts on “Faith – A harsh reality(part – 1)

  1. Sometimes faith is that “lovely term” that is is actually just a circular “faith in faith” as “a deep belief in something without questioning it.” I appreciate you speaking to a wishful thinking (everything will be ok) that is not an expression of faith, but an abdication of faith – that is to say – it is without faith in the One who made us for Himself – but rather a hope for which there is no basis. May we continue to grow in “faith” in the One who made us for Himself – as we relinquish our empty hopefulness in ourselves.

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