A bittersweet story of two friends (part-3)

Fights don’t just shatter bonds; they also erode trust, which is built on expectations, allowing the other person to form a negative impression of you.
What if there is a greater level of understanding, and acceptance takes the place of expectations?
Isn’t it preferable to save the bond than to kill it?

Kartik is the name of the quiet friend, and Pranali is the name of the extrovert one.
There was a moment in their lives when Pranali was all about attempting to rekindle their relationship, while Kartik was all about holding on to his ego and attitude, oblivious to the fact that everyone needs a buddy. It is the person’s ignorance if he believes he does not require one.

She was doing her hardest to make an effort, trying to make conversation through every means possible, while swimming in the purest river of friendship. Kartik, on the other hand, remained in the same lane, oblivious to everything. This was hurting her, and she was already carrying the scars of her past.

She used to lose control and began expressing her displeasure to him. After that, after getting the regret, pain kills herself from within.
After going through a lot, she attempted one more time to save Bond. All apologies and explanations are being asked to make amends. Finally, he agreed, but the suffering she experienced drove her to her lowest point…when she needed him, he was nowhere to be found, instead choosing to ignore her.

It’s difficult to close the gap once it’s formed. But she was brave enough to ignore her self-respect and strive to be with him.
After a year, she realised he was merely pretending to be there. He was preoccupied with his life. It’s amazing how simple it is to mess with other people’s emotions.

Friendship is a crucial part of life since it allows you to share everything and make you feel better. Where you blindly believe and accept the individual for who they are…and when expectations arise, the relationship weakens, and when ego arises, the bond dies.
She made the decision to end it permanently because it isn’t going to assist anyone and is only going to waste each other’s time.

It is stated that once you have lost someone, you will subsequently realise what you have truly lost.
If you don’t understand the worth now, you won’t be able to help yourself in the future.
It would be better if we tried to learn it before the friendship ended.
If you know that your friend is the best gift from God to you, ego has no place in your life. It’s challenging enough to find the proper person, but maintaining the bond is even more difficult.

Many people struggle to maintain friendships because they are too preoccupied with their egos to put out any effort and instead damage the sentiments of others.
Isn’t it preferable to maintain acceptance?
Accept the person for who they are and don’t demand anything in return.
Friendship does not bind people; instead, it allows them to be themselves.

It allows a person to progress in life and remain happy without harbouring grudges against others. to improve oneself as a person

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