Trust- barred with expectations (part – 2)

Have you ever had the feeling that you are not meant to be trusted by someone?
You’re not trustworthy, are you?
Is that correct?
Is it possible to change a person’s behavior by making him or her feel unworthy? How common is this feeling that it breaks self-confidence?
Is it a trusting mistake?
Isn’t it true that we seem to be so focused on gaining and losing trust?
Doesn’t it have an impact on our mental health?
It attracts expectations, which if not met, lead to a person being labeled as unworthy or labeling others as unworthy for him/her.

Trust is never gained or lost.
It’s simple if we don’t include expectations and reaction barriers.
Trust is in our nature, and we must trust each other in order to work and live peacefully.
Think about it: if we don’t trust our neighbours, won’t that make them think negatively about us?
Will it not start multiplying?
It is a never-ending loop.
So, instead of generating this loop, why not accept instead of expecting?

Trust, the innocent word, is so despised.
How quickly we begin judging others, as our minds are trained to think negatively first, then positively if we try.
Isn’t it true that humans are God’s best creation?
So, why don’t we trust each other?
If someone does something wrong, trust should not be used to justify the end of a relationship.
We must understand the person and accept them, as well as accept the situation with a big heart.
It not only helps to maintain peaceful relations, but it also helps to maintain peace.

We then begin to accept everything as it is. Things improve in people’s lives.
We might meet someone who complements our vibes.
Even if it’s not, let it be.
Trust will not be blamed because it is impossible to live without trusting each other.
In our daily lives, we must rely on one another.
Behavior is a different concept; if someone isn’t willing to treat you well, don’t stay there for long.
Don’t get caught on the wrong side of trust.
Trust, like a coin, has two sides, and one should be aware of them.

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