Parents – Gift From God

A man was walking through the streets when he saw two boys playing football. One of the boys was missing a leg, and the other was encouraging his friend to play. The man approached the boys and asked them their names first.
What is your name, my dear boys?
Uncle, my name is Rishi, said the first person without a leg.
My name is Karan, the second boy said.
Then he questioned if you were all brothers.
Boys responded “no.”
The man is now shocked.

He has never seen young children grasp the human condition better than adults.
Typically, people act in accordance with their age, but these young folks were modelling excellent values for the man.
Then he remembered his past.
He now has tears in his eyes as he recalls when his father lost his legs due to paralysis.
Without even considering who he was inflicting this excruciating anguish on, he sent him to an old age facility.

His father begged him to keep him out of the care home.
Man answered, “I don’t care.”
I don’t need you anymore.
Just give my family and I some space.
And his father was totally broken that day inside.
He was simply lifeless.

Now that he remembered the lesson, he quickly went to the nursing home to pick up his father and returned home. He was surrounded by guilt and regret because those two boys had demonstrated an important lesson in life that he was unable to see.

After that, he apologised to his father.
I’ve done a lot of wrong to you, so please punish me but also forgive me. I know I’m not the best son, but please give me one more chance.

As dad listened to this, he remembered the day when the boy had told him, “I don’t need you.” He had been upset, but being a good father, he put everything aside and had pardoned the boy, returning to his family and house in a joyful mood.

How long does it take to expel those whom the world, including us, refers to as parents.
As we lose touch with our culture, we turn into inhumans with no regard for others and no manners.
It seems cool to put morality and ethics aside to mingle with strangers, doesn’t it?
In actuality, leaving your parents and spending time with people who might abandon you at any time is foolish.

Parents are divine blessings that we all need to protect and appreciate for being in our lives forever.
Parents are the only people who will pardon us even for the worst offence.
They only ask for love and care instead of luxuries and things.
Aren’t we able to spend time with them and show them how much we care about them?
Is it simpler to get a job and live a life of luxury than to live with parents?

It’s pointless to live a heartless life if we can’t be with our parents.
Happiness and blessings cannot be purchased with money.
And sure, it would be wrong for us to kick our parents out of our homes and lives; after all, they gave us the gift of the life we have today.

The aforementioned tale teaches us that our parents are our first supporters, and we should go to all lengths to keep them content and healthy.

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