Happy father’s day daddy, I miss you ❤️

The word father is a six-letter word with a profound meaning.
A person who has been habituated to making sacrifices since the day he realises he has duties that force him to do things he would never have done otherwise.
For him, no circumstance is ever a win-win.
Everyone around him believes that he must be strong, that he does not require relaxation, and that he must work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Getting up early, going to work, working hard for his family, and forgetting that he needs a break.
Being a father is not simple; you must make time for your children, which can be challenging at times.
He has to travel work over night for his family, therefore he forgets to sleep.
He is unable to give time to his family, for whom he is working so hard, on this adventure.
It’s never easy to stay patient in the face of adversity.

Even if his supervisor is furious with him, he never tells his children about it.
When he returns home from work, he hides his sorrow, and his tired countenance changes when he sees his children.

Situations can be difficult at times, and he may get paid less than he works.
He gets nothing a lot of the time.
He, too, feels helpless, but his obligations drive him to do all it takes to keep his family safe.
He is a man, after all, and he must work.

And in an environment where everything is unpredictable,
When we lose, we realise everything, and it hurts a lot.

I was only ten years old
When i got to know you died.
I didn’t fully know what it meant.
I felt numb, and i haven’tcried.

I didn’t know how big a hole
your passing would leave.
I didn’t understand how much loneliness
I was about to receive.

As the years have gone by,
I’ve forgotten a few things,
Like the sound of your voice,
And how your laughter used to ring.

I can’t remember exactly what
It was like when you held me,
But I do remember it left me with
A feeling of warmth and security.

My first birthday spent without you
Was hardest after you where gone.
That first Christmas just wasn’t the same,
And it remains so as the years go on.

There have been thousands of times
When I’ve wished you were still here,
To celebrate all of my joys,
And help me calm my fear.

I’ve spent more of my life without you
Than with you, I’m sad to say.
But I want you to know I still love you,
And I think about you every day.

I’ll keep his memory alive,
and honor all he believed,
And just feel so very grateful
For all his love that I received.

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